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Become a Silver and transform your lifestyle.
Learn which of our IBOs have earned this incredible Luxury Bonus.
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A Double Dose of Success and Luxury

The Luxury Car Program continues to make history by giving away dream cars to more of the people who have decided to make ENZACTA part of their lives, and reach the goal of having the car they’ve always desired. What’s your dream car? Have you visualized it, imagined what it’s like riding in it? Dare to be next and make your dream a reality.

ENZACTA continues to reward IBOs with luxury cars, and this time, the recipients of this amazing program were two couples of Mexican leaders.

A spectacular Mercedes-Benz Clase C200 was given to our Platinum Guillermo & Carmelita Guerrero from Los Mochis, Sinaloa. We also gave an elegant Buick Regal to Platinum Jose & Andrea Orozco, for them to drive around their city, Guadalajara, Jalisco, in style. This crystallized a big dream for these leaders, and now they and their families can enjoy being surrounded by luxury.

The big event to give away these vehicles was held in Mazatlan, Mexico, during the ENZACTA International Convention, and was presented by our President & CEO, Russ Hall and his family: his wife Lorrie, his children Amy and John, and Nick Rettinger. Diamond: Gorka & Begett Buces, Leonel & Carmina Bedolla, and Rosalina Gutierrez also participated in the ceremony.

Congratulations to the new recipients of the Luxury Car Program! We have demonstrated, yet again, that ENZACTA's luxury bonuses truly make a difference.

Get inspired by their achievement, and take action to make your dreams a reality. Ready to be next?

Receiving my new car was like being born again--I feel so alive and incredibly good. Every since the Luxury Car Program launched, a new realm of possibility for my life and business grew inside of me; this program represents a total change for me. Since 2003, I've seen ENZACTA as a company I can trust, which was reinforced upon meeting Russ Hall. And today, even more thanks to this program, which has made me feel like a little boy with a brand new toy. For anyone who wants to make this dream come true, I suggest visualizing the car you want and setting a date for having it. We have to be tenacious about our goals, and take action to reach them: one day yes, and the next day, too. I'm grateful to God, my family and my upline, and would like to recognize all the leaders in my two teams, including the IBOs who are just getting started. Thanks to Russ Hall, Carlos Santillan, Guadalupe Alcantara, and the excellent team who has unconditionally contributed to my growth."

Platinum Jose & Andrea Orozco

I still haven't gotten over the excitement of reaching one of my biggest dreams, and at ENZACTA, it is possible. Having a luxury car was one of our goals as a family, and receiving it at such a special event as the Convention was beautiful and touching. It was on September, 27 1977 that I bought my first car: a sky blue Volkswagen bug, and even back that it was 10 years old! That's why, when Luxury Car Program launched, I started visiting agencies, I mean, a year before I visualized my new car, starting feeling it, tasting it, smelling it. This program is one of the biggest advantages of the company, which evolves to offer this huge opportunity to all its leaders starting at the Silver PIN level...and the program motivates a lot of people. The car is now one of my best recruitment tools because people see the "real" benefits they can get by being part of the company. Nowadays, I sponsor people fast! I recommend that everyone live this experience. Define your goals and dreams and take action. Thanks to Russ Hall for creating ENZACTA, where we're reaching amazing goals. Thanks for your vision of developing a unique compensation plan and for caring about us always having the best."

Platinum Guillermo & Carmelita Guerrero