It was developed to be a powerful and intelligent interactive tool that contains all the basic and indispensable ENZACTA information you need as well as multimedia materials to promote your business in a friendly, practical, easy and professional way.

It's primary function is to promote your business quickly, easily and effectively via multimedia materials necessary for your growth. It also welcomes you as an IBO and new member of the ENZACTA family, and explains how to start and develop your business.

It contains official company presentations, videos, animations, graphics, screensavers, ringtones, cell phone images and e-forms. You can update it safely and for free on the Internet to make sure you always have the most current versions of all documents, content and applications.

The digital format of the smartKit makes it a lot more practical with more features to quickly and easily grow your business. With just one click, you can get information, documents, and interactive materials which will help you in a smart, modern, eco-friendly way.

The smartKit can be updated constantly at no additional charge using Internet, and you can download its contents

You can get it in your smart or advanced OFFICE.

*If you are a new IBO you can get it upon joining. 
*If you’re a registered IBO and already bought your advanced OFFICE, your smartKit is totally free. 

The newest versions of the smartKit will be available according to the expiration date of your advanced OFFICE.
Once your payment is confirmed, you will receive notification in your smart or advanced OFFICE with a link to download.

The smartKit is an online tool that can be accessed using a computer that is connected to the internet. An internet connection is also required to download occasional smartKit updates.

The smartKit is included with your membership at no additional cost. Take advantage of this easy-to-access, eco-friendly tool to help grow your business.